Open for Travel: Astonishing Greece!

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Greece View of Santorini
View of Santorini

Whitewashed villages. Turquoise blue waters. Ancient ruins. Breathtaking scenery everywhere you turn.   Greece is open for travel and waiting to welcome you!  

Greece is open to travelers from the US, so pack your bags and let’s go island hopping!

Float in Infinity Pools While Enjoying the Spectacular Views

Fun Things to Do in Greece!

Go island hopping

The Greek Islands have something for everyone. For example, stay in popular Mykonos and hit the party beaches or explore the village and enjoy the quieter life of this popular island. One of my favorite sunsets ever was from the “Little Venice” neighborhood of Mykonos…  So choose a mix of popular spots and some that are more locals-only and dive into island life, Greek-style. Rent a four-wheeler and explore the islands!  The best way to enjoy and explore the islands is to jump on a four-wheeler and head off for a day of exploring. In Santorini alone, you can visit black sand beaches, red beaches, the buried city of Akrotíri (archaeological site), and Oia with its picture-postcard views, just to name a view.

Visit ancient ruins in the cradle of western civilization

Some of the most interesting ruins can be found here in Greece, the birthplace of civilization. My recommendation would be a visit to the island of Delos where you can wander around the mythical birthplace of Apollo, which was a major port and religious center in the 1st millennium B.C. You can still wander the “streets” of this archaeological site!


Eat early, often, and everything. Greeks serve up some of the best food in the world and most of it very healthy so dig in!  

Greece Antiparos
Greece is Full of Picturesque Island Towns

What Should You Eat in Greece?

The best answer I can give to this question is EVERYTHING.  A few must-eats include:  

  • Feta!  After I ate feta in Greece, I started using the phrase “Everything’s better with feta!”  This is very true and the feta in Greece is out of this world. You’ll find yourself addicted to the horiatiki salad, which is the typical Greek “village” salad made with fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, olive oil, and a big block of salty feta to top it all off.  
  • Fresh fish.  Go to a taverna by the sea and the locals will let you choose your fish, freshly caught that day. They will grill it, serve it and it will melt in your mouth.  
  • Anything baked in a clay pot.  I went to a random local restaurant that had the menu on the wall in Greek in Athens.  The waiter asked what ingredients were my favorite on my trip so far, and I told him the feta, all the fresh tomatoes, seafood, and the fresh oregano and olive oil. He brought me a clay pot with all of the ingredients I had mentioned baked together.  It was the most delicious meal I had there!   
  • Baklava.  The best Greek sweet for me is the tasty baklava, with which many Greeks end their meal. Baklava is typically made with flaky filo pastry, honey, and walnuts.

What are you waiting for?  Pack your bags for your Greek adventure!

Lisa of Tis Travels Watching the Sunset in Mykonos Greece
Lisa of Tis Travels Watching the Sunset in Mykonos Greece

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