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Lisa of Tis Travels at Aperitivo in Milan

“Lisa has seen more of Italy than most Italians!”…Melanie

Ready to really experience Italy? What I can offer you as we plan your trip to Italy includes the following:

  • EXTENSIVE KNOWLEDGE OF ITALY: Having both traveled and lived in Italy, I bring extensive, first-hand knowledge of this beautiful country, the friendly people, and the rich culture.
  • FLEXIBLE ITINERARIES: Depending on your preferences, I can create a fully customized itinerary, book you with a group, or a combination of both!
  • A LONG LIST OF LOCAL CONTACTS: Local contacts all over Italy with hotels, restaurants, sights, drivers, and guides.
  • CONFIRMATION OF ALL TRIP DETAILS: Confirmations of all reservations (i.e. hotels, drivers, tours) so you can spend your time enjoying Italy!

Whatever your preferences, I will work with you to plan a trip you will remember for a lifetime!

Want to know even more about what Tis Travels can do for you?  

When traveling extensively throughout the various regions of Italy, I have discovered the unique appeal of each. I love all the north of Italy has to offer, with its endlessly fascinating cities of Rome, Florence, and Venice and its hearty food like the famous “bistecca alla fiorentina” and many delicious red-sauce pastas. However, I also love the often overlooked southern part of Italy with its beautiful, less-crowded seaside towns with their old-world charm and fresh seafood pastas.

I have been fortunate to collect a long list of local contacts and suggestions that I use to make every trip to Italy exceed client expectations.  For example, do you want a nice meal while in Italy?  People have different definitions of a nice meal.  Depending on your definition of a nice meal, I can get you a table at a fancy restaurant with a well-known chef who cooks trendy new recipes. Or I can get you one in a small trattoria with an Italian in the kitchen, cooking solely from knowledge handed down from “Nonna”.  

“Lisa planned a lovely trip for our family to Italy! We enjoyed every moment of our trip. She took care of every detail and made sure that each aspect of our trip was enjoyable! We can’t wait for her to plan our next adventure!”  Rosanne

Do you prefer not handling the tedious details of travel when you could be taking in the magnificent David? Would you rather be sitting in a piazza watching the Italians go by while drinking their wonderful vino? I sweat the small stuff for you.  Immerse yourself in all Italy has to offer, confident someone is watching over the details and confirming all of your reservations as you watch the sunset over the Ligurian Sea.

Tis Making Friends at Dinner in Sorrento
Tis Making Friends at Dinner in Sorrento

How did Tis Travels come to be such an expert on Italy?

Rapallo-Tis of Tis Travels
Tis by the Ligurian Sea in Rapallo

Having a case of wanderlust from a young age, I was anxious to leave the lovely small town where I grew up and see more of the world. After earning a Master’s degree in Business, I honed my research skills working at top companies such as Research International and HBO. After leaving corporate America, I built a successful independent research consultancy.

During my corporate career, I’ve always taken every vacation day I was ever given, with Italy taking up much of that time.  After starting my consultancy, I was able to travel to Italy more and work from there for periods of time while exploring the country and culture that I love. 

Inspired by my love of travel and specifically, Italy, I founded Tis Travels where I use both my knowledge of Italy, my many local contacts, and my advanced research skills to design trips of a lifetime for my many happy clients.

I am ready to help you make your Italian dreams come true! Contact me today and let’s start planning YOUR Italian adventure!!

    Lisa of Tis Travels Overlooking Capri, Italy
    Lisa of Tis Travels Overlooking Capri, Italy

    Don’t forget your passport!

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