Tis Returns to Italy! Day 67: The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly in Monopoli

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Dining Room in Monopoli, Italy
Dining Room in Monopoli, Italy

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Today I woke up to a 70-degree day in Polignano!  I decided to take the 6-minute train trip to Monopoli, another beautiful town by the sea. 

The Good

When I arrived, I made my way to the waterfront where the old city center with its winding streets and whitewashed homes is. I stumbled upon a little piazza with a few restaurants. It was a bit cool so I asked for a table inside and was seated in a fancy dining room which I was not expecting based on the exterior. 

The staff were super friendly! This seemed like the perfect setting to treat myself to a nice seafood meal. I’ve been wanting to do that since arriving in Bari almost two weeks ago. I ordered grilled swordfish and vegetables and enjoyed the moment. When my lunch arrived, it was simple perfection. 

The Bad

After leaving the restaurant, I headed down to find the waterfront that I’d seen in so many lovely photos. I was very excited as Monopoli is supposed to be one of the loveliest towns in Southern Italy. When I arrived at the spot I’d seen in so many photos, I was stunned. What an utter disappointment! Those photos must have been edited to remove all the trash polluting the water. It was fairly disgusting and not at all what I expected. 

I wasted 6-minutes of my life on the train here that I can never get back for this? Don’t get me wrong, it has potential but the town really needs to spruce that spot on the waterfront up a bit if they want to keep attracting tourists.

The Ugly

After walking by the water in a spot that was actually nice, I decided to head back to Polignano. After a ten-minute walk, I reached the train station and purchased my return ticket. I had a little time and was in need of the restroom which was a little shed off to the side of the station. As I was utilizing the facilities, something seemed off. I looked up and some little shit was trying to jump up on the toilet next to me and peek over at the Tisdale jewels. SERIOUSLY?

I yelled at him that he better get out before I was finished or I’d make him regret that ill-informed choice. I stormed out of the bathroom and looked around the station for him. He better be glad I did not find his scrawny excuse for a person.

Oh Monopoli, you just proved why I often say it is best to enjoy the spot you are in instead of moving around too much.

Ciao for now!

Lisa Tisdale

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