New York City Tours

Tis Travels Clients Enjoying a tour of Arthur Avenue
Tis Travels Clients Enjoying a tour of Arthur Avenue

Coming to NYC and want to tour the Big Apple with a local who knows the neighborhoods well? Tis Travels offers tours of the Big Apple, guided by longtime NYC resident and licensed NYC tour guide, Lisa Tisdale.

While I offer the tours described below, I am happy to customize something for you!

Chelsea Market | High-Line| Hudson Yards

Come with me to explore three of Manhattan’s hottest areas!

Clients Enjoying the High Line with Hudson Yards in the Background

Chelsea Market: This old building has a very interesting history while being home to some of the city’s trendiest food halls and shops.

The High Line: After filling ourselves at the food hall, we will take a walk on the abandoned railroad tracks that became one of the city’s most beautiful and interesting public parks.

Hudson Yards: Finally, we will explore all of the fascinating elements of Manhattan’s latest gem, the shiny new Hudson Yards.

Come along and learn the answer to the following questions:

  • What famous snack was first made at Chelsea Market that the world still enjoys today?
  • What are New Yorkers’ craziest nicknames (not all complimentary of course!) for the award-winning architectural marvels along the High Line?
  • Where can you find a private, IMAX theatre, only open for a privileged few?
  • Where can you taste the best gelato in the city?
  • What cowboy pre-dated the Naked Cowboy of Times Square?

Pricing: $225 per group (up to 8 people) for this 3-hour tour. Contact to book or click here to learn more!

NYC’s Overlooked Gems…Grand Central and the New York Public Library

Learn About Why These Beaux-Art Gems Both Have a Playful Side…

Grand Central and the NYPL are two gems in NYC, conveniently located a 5-minute walk from each other. Grand Central may just seem like a transportation hub but it is filled with interesting history, great shops, a wide variety of restaurants, and hidden treasures many walk by daily without noticing. Similarly, just down the NYPL is so much more than a library. Many New Yorkers don’t even know of its treasures!

A few fun things we will learn on this tour:

  • What sport is played daily in Grand Central as commuters are rushing through?
  • What favorite stuffed animal and his friends make their home in the library?
  • Why are the stars not aligned in the sky above Grand Central?
  • Why is there a private “subway” underneath the library?
  • Where is the best spot to go if you need to have a truly private conversation in busy Grand Central?
  • Why do the magnificent lions “guarding” the NYPL have an identity complex?

Pricing: $195 per group (up to 8 people) for this 2-hour tour. Contact to book or Click here to learn more!

NYC Local Life Tour: A Real Taste of Italy on Arthur Avenue

Come with me to explore a neighborhood beloved by New Yorkers for its true Italian authenticity and really good food!

Lisa Having Lunch at Trattoria Tra di Noi
Italian Lunch on Arthur Avenue!

Want to taste your way through one of the best off-the-beaten-path NYC neighborhoods? Then join me on a tour of the Belmont area, famously known as “Arthur Avenue” for the main street in this authentic Italian neighborhood. New Yorkers know to get a true taste of Italy you have to leave the (in)famous Little Italy in downtown Manhattan and head up to this beloved Italian neighborhood!

While I was learning the Italian language, I would come to this neighborhood to practice as you can still find it spoken here. A friendly cafe owner would serve me a latte and help me with my homework! It is a warm and welcoming neighborhood and a very unique NYC experience.

Wander with me through the streets of Little Italy (Bronx style!) and learn:

  • Why does it make perfect sense that one of the most popular cafes with the best coffee is not run by Italians?
  • Why is there a Jewish star marking the entrance to the most popular neighborhood grocery?
  • What famous actor got his start while working as the maître d’ of a local restaurant?

Pricing: $225 per group (up to 8 people) for this 3-hour tour. Contact to book or click here to learn more!

Custom Tours

Not seeing exactly what you had in mind? I will customize a tour for you! Contact me below and I will work to customize something that works for you!

About Your Guide

I am a New Yorker by choice. Growing up in a small town, I dreamed of making NYC my home. I’ve lived here for over 20 years and never tire of exploring every corner of this amazing city. I cannot wait to show you around!