Chelsea Market | High-Line| Hudson Yards Tour

Having Fun on the High Line!

Come along as we explore three of Manhattan’s hottest areas!

3-hour tour

Chelsea Market has a very interesting history while being home to some of the city’s trendiest food halls and shops. After filling ourselves at the food hall, we will take a walk on the High Line and explore the abandoned railroad tracks that became one of the city’s most beautiful and interesting public parks. Finally, we will explore all of the fascinating elements of Manhattan’s latest gem, the shiny new Hudson Yards.

A few fun things we will explore on this tour!

-What famous snack was first made at Chelsea Market that the world still enjoys today?
-What are New Yorkers’ craziest nicknames (not all complimentary of course!) for the award-winning architectural marvels along the High Line?
-Where can you find a private, IMAX theatre, only open for a privileged few?
-Where to taste the best gelato in the city?
What cowboy pre-dated the Naked Cowboy of Times Square?

Pricing: $225 per group (up to 8 people). Contact or use the form below!

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