NYC’s Overlooked Gems…Grand Central and the New York Public Library

NYC Tour of Grand Central and New York Public Library (NYPL)
Playing Around with Fortitude the Lion at the New York Public Library

Learn About Why These Beaux-Art Gems Both Have a Playful Side…

Grand Central and the NYPL are two gems in NYC, conveniently located a 5-minute walk from each other. Grand Central may just seem like a transportation hub but it is filled with interesting history, great shops, a wide variety of restaurants, and hidden treasures many walk by daily without noticing. Similarly, just down the NYPL is so much more than a library. Many New Yorkers don’t even know of its treasures!

Come explore these iconic NYC landmarks and learn:

  • What sport is played daily in Grand Central as commuters are rushing through?
  • What popular stuffed animal and his friends make their home in the library?
  • Why are the stars not aligned in the sky above Grand Central?
  • Why is there a private “subway” underneath the library?
  • Where can you go if you need to have a truly private conversation in busy Grand Central?
  • Why do the magnificent lions “guarding” the NYPL have an identity complex?

Pricing: $195 per group (up to 8 people). Contact or use the form below to book!

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