NYC Local Life Tour: A Real Taste of Italy on Arthur Avenue

Tis Travels Clients Enjoying a tour of Arthur Avenue
Tis Travels Clients Enjoying a Tour of Arthur Avenue

Come with me to explore a neighborhood beloved by New Yorkers for its true Italian authenticity!

3-hour tour

Want to taste your way through one of the best off-the-beaten-path NYC neighborhoods? Then join me on a tour of the Belmont area, famously known as “Arthur Avenue” for the main street in this authentic Italian neighborhood. New Yorkers know to get a true taste of Italy you have to leave the (in)famous Little Italy in downtown Manhattan and head up to this beloved Italian neighborhood!

While I was learning the Italian language, I would come to this neighborhood to practice as you can still find it spoken here. A friendly cafe owner would serve me a latte and help me with my homework! It is a warm and welcoming neighborhood and a very unique NYC experience.

Wander with me through the streets of Little Italy (Bronx style!) and learn:

  • Why does it make perfect sense that one of the most popular cafes with the best coffee is not run by Italians?
  • Why is there a Jewish star marking the entrance to the most popular neighborhood grocery?
  • What famous actor got his start while working as the maître d’ of a local restaurant?

Pricing: $225 per group (up to 8 people) for this 3-hour tour. Contact to book or use the form below.

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